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Five Exhibition Roses To Awaken The Exhibitor Within You | Bob Martin

Sunday Aug 28, 2016

Exhibiting roses is a fun and rewarding hobby. We believe deep inside most every rose grower is an exhibitor waiting for an opportunity to show the world their blooms. Today we hear from a rose master who'll tell us about five exhibition quality roses that you can grow and show. We think that by growing these roses, it'll surely awaken the exhibitor within you. This includes one rose that gets as big as a Volkswagen! Well, at least in Bob's garden...  Here's a list of the roses Bob chatted with us about today: Rose de Rescht - Old Garden Rose (OGR)Joy - MiniatureJulia Child - FloribundaButter Cream - MinifloraDona Martin - Hybrid Tea Click the links to view photo's and purchase information for these roses from online retailers.   About Our Guest: Bob Martin has been growing roses for 44 years. He is one of the top exhibitors in the United States and maintains a garden of over 400 varieties. He is an ARS Master Rosarian, an Accredited Horticultural Judge and an Accredited Arrangements Judge.  Bob is the current Vice President of the American Rose Society, is chairman of the American Rose Society Horticultural Exhibitor's Committee and Editor of the American Rose Society quarterly publication, the Rose Exhibitors' Forum. He maintains a website covering U.S. rose shows at as well as a Facebook site for Rose Exhibitors' Forum. Bob has also been an Editor of Horizon Roses for 21 years and the National Editor for ten years. He is the author of the book "Showing Good Roses" and was honored for his lifetime contribution to rose education as a 2009 recipient of the ARS Klima Medal. Bob is an active rose exhibitor at all levels and the 2007 recipient of the ARS Guy Blake Hedrick Jr. Award for lifetime achievement in rose exhibiting. During his 30 year exhibiting career, he has shown roses in more than 220 shows, winning more than 1,400 trophies in every exhibiting class, including 13 national trophies. Bob has also judged an additional 84 shows and is a frequent lecturer at judging schools through out the country. An avid hybridizer, he has 14 registered varieties, including the show roses  'Butter Cream' & 'Dona Martin', varieties mentioned on today's broadcast.  Today's Show Links: The cornerstone of rose culture in the United States. American Rose Society - Find a local rose show! Top Exhibition Roses, Rose Show Results and more! The "Must Have" insiders guide to purchasing exhibition roses. Order Horizon Roses

The Queen's Garden | Voices From The Garden | Lynn Hunt

Sunday Aug 14, 2016

Voices From The Garden Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain's longest reigning monarch loves her garden and on this broadcast of Voices From the Garden, rosarian and author Lynn Hunt joins us to chat about her recent trip to England to visit Queen Elizabeth's garden at Buckingham Palace. Lynn not only chats with us about the beautiful roses growing in this magnificent garden, but also about sustainable gardening practices being used; such as a garlic spray, the use of beneficial insects and the cultivation of bees -- all designed to make this garden fit for a Queen.  Don't miss Lynn Hunt's glorious gardening adventures on her blog The Dirt Diaries Watch a segment of the PBS series dedicated to the Queen's Garden Voices From The Garden is a series of short broadcasts submitted by gardeners who share with us an intrinsic mix of life lessons, faith stories and gardening adventures, exclusively on the  Rose Chat Podcast.  Do you have a story to tell? Record your experience and send it to us at 

Jackson & Perkins New Intros for 2017

Sunday Aug 07, 2016

Join the Rose Chat Podcast crew as they visit with Wes Harvell and Paul Zimmerman who stopped by to chat about what's happening at Jackson & Perkins Roses. They share their thoughts on gardening, a new video series on growing roses and offered us an exclusive preview into four awesome introductions for 2017.   Today's Show Links: Jackson & Perkins Website Great Gardening Tips & Ideas from Jackson & Perkins featuring the video series Paul Zimmerman mentioned on today's show.  SPECIAL OFFER for Rose Chat Listeners: Jackson & Perkins is offering Rose Chat Podcast listeners FREE Shipping on orders over $39 through September 15, 2016. Use the offer code: rosechat at checkout to receive this exclusive offer. 

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