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Miracle on the Hudson | Robert Neil Rippetoe

Monday Oct 24, 2016

The motion picture Sully hit theaters this month. It's the tale of Captain Sullenberger and crew and how they crash landed US Airways flight 1549 into the Hudson River saving all 155 passengers on board. It's a story that's come to be known as "The Miracle on the Hudson." Our guest on today's show is Robert Neil Rippetoe, he's the hybridizer that created the rose named to commemorate this heroic event and he's here to talk with us about this rose, his hybridizing program and also offers some great tips for new rose growers. 

Stop And Smell Your Roses - Our Sense Of Smell | Rose Garden Check Up

Monday Oct 10, 2016

On this broadcast of the Rose Garden Check Up, Dr. McCasland talks about the impact that fragrance has on our memories and shares with us the primary reason he grows roses and encourages us all to put our nose in a rose every chance we get.  This series of podcasts is dedicated to health and wellness issues related to gardeners. Dr. McCasland is a board certified physician, avid rose gardener and wants you to get the most out of your health and your roses. Note: The information provided in this series is meant for basic informational purposes, and is not intended to replace the advice given to you by your physician. Consult with your doctor before making decisions concerning your health. The Rose Garden Checkup with Dr. Barry McCasland, heard exclusively on the Rose Chat Podcast.

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