The first annual Biltmore International Rose Trials ended on Saturday May 18th with winners announced in 12 categories.  Rose Chat Radio caught up with a few of the judges to hear their insights into the trials and we also spoke to a a few of the growers and breeders of the roses entered in the trials.  You'll hear interviews with Mike Athy a top winner at the show with his entry "ATHYFaLaa" from his home in New Zealand. Chris Pellett of Kordes Roses in Oregon, gives a wonderful description of the fragrance of their winning entry "Beverly" a beautiful hybrid tea. Michael Marriott from David Austin Roses in the UK shared his insight on their winning entry "Darcy Bussell".  Under the care and protection of the Biltmore horticultural team lead by Lucas Jack, the roses were given the best opportunity possible to reach their full potential.   Read a full list of the winners on the Biltmore Estate blog Visit Biltmore: Paul Zimmerman: Paul Zimmerman Roses Mike Athy: Mike Athy Roses Chris Pellett: Kordes Roses US Michael Marriott: David Austin Roses   Congratulations to all the winners!