WATER CONSERVATION Watering roses can be a back breaking task. Drip irrigation systems can relive some of the pressure and installing one is easier than you think. Our guest, Leon Springer owner of DripWorks.com will join us to talk about drip irrigation and share from his weath of knowledge on how using a drip system can yeild awesome blooms and reduced water usage by 30 - 50%!   WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU   We encourage you to call in during the live broadcast (347) 677-1870 with comments or questions or your may ask a question by leaving a comment, on twitter using the #RoseChat hashtag or by sending your questions via e-mail to: GROW@RoseChat.info   Immediately following the live broadcast, all shows are available on-demand and are also available for download to iTunes and all other podcasting outlets.   Stay informed on upcoming broadcasts via e-mail: http://eepurl.com/nINYz   Our Website: www.RoseChatRadio.com