A new generation of rose gardeners are emerging on the scene and Brian Puckett is definitely making his mark in the world of roses. As curator of the nation’s first municipal Earth-Kind Rose trial, Brian has a passion for sustainable gardening and for helping others achieve gardening success. 

He put his design and planning efforts to good use as Vice Chairman of the Helena Alabama Beautification Board where he helped transform the cities landscape into a veritable paradise of plants using native perennials and Earth Kind Roses. These efforts have caught the attention of other municipalities who are now reaching out for advice and guidance as they transition into the world of sustainable landscape design. Last year, Brian collaborated with Texas A & M to launch the nation’s first municipal Earth-Kind Rose Trial and currently serves as the trial curator. Next month, he hit's the road with rose chat creator and America's Favorite Rose Gardener, Chris VanCleave on the "Rose Kings Sustainability Tour". “Innovations in rose breeding have now produced roses that are virtually disease free and they bloom like mad”, says Puckett. During the tour, we’ll reveal the various types of roses, their growth habits as well as the level of care they need so people can make informed decisions for their gardens.”

Brian joins us today to talk about the rose trial, about sustainable gardening and a whole lot more! 

Show Links:

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