This Week: Helen Yoest - Gardening With Confidence Live Coverage of the American Rose Society Fall Nationals We all need confidence in the garden and Helen Yoest will be with us to talk about her new book:   Gardening With Confidence:  50 Ways to add style for personal creativity "This book project was in me to do for a very long time. I wanted to write a book I felt was missing in the gardening community.  A book that explained the why-to and where-to garden—not just a how-to. " - Helen Yoest Helen Yoest is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast who would much rather spend a day in a garden than anywhere indoors. Helen is a stylist, garden coach, and writer. She is a contributing editor for Country Gardens magazine and Carolina Gardener magazine and field editor for Better Homes and Gardens, Traditional Homes, and also scouts gardens for Southern Living magazine. She has authored articles published in more than 40 outlets, including Martha Stewart Living, The Christian Science Monitor, and Fine Gardening magazine, along with pieces for P. Allen Smith and many others.  Click HERE to order her book!