This week on Rose Chat Radio, we welcome Cydney Wade of Rose Petals Nursery. Cydney will be with us to talk about efforts to preserve Old Garden, Heirloom and Heritage variety roses.    Cydney has been growing  and preserving roses for over 36 years and says "There is a past with each Old Garden Rose that you grow. It was taken from a cutting of a rose that was taken from a cutting of a rose all the way back to the original plant. Your rose is a part of a plant that crossed the Atlantic Ocean during the 1800's or crossed America in a covered wagon with a pioneer family taking part of their past to their new home. " She'll be sharing some of these roses as well as offering care tips. Don't miss it!   Janet Endsley will join us with a preview of the upcoming Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle, Washington February 20-24 at the Washington State Convention Center. One of the largest Flower & Garden shows in the U.S, its an annual celebration of the coming season of blooms.    WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU - We encourage you to call in during the live broadcast (347) 677-1870 with comments or questions or you may ask a question on twitter using the #RoseChat hashtag in your tweet or via e-mail to:    Following the live broadcast, all shows are available on-demand and are also available for download to iTunes.   Stay informed on upcoming broadcasts via e-mail sign up for our weekly e-mail update!