Our stories today are from two garden friends who Teri Speight from Maryland and Peggy Ricco from Virginia who produce the biweekly Gardens 'n Plants podcast. Find them at pegplant.com.
Peggy Riccio is a horticulturist who writes about gardening for the Washington DC metro area on her website, pegplant.com. Peggy produces a free e-newsletter featuring local gardening events, recently published books, articles, tips, and a giveaway.
Teri Speight is a garden writer, blogger, and podcaster who intentionally finds beauty in nature. She believes nature provides gifts daily, we just have to pause to receive them. Find more about Teri and her work at Cottageinthecourt.com
Friends, if you have questions for us, a comment, or a story you wish to share, contact us at rosechatpodcast@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you.
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A series of broadcasts by gardeners who share with us an intrinsic mix of life lessons, faith stories, and glorious gardening adventures, exclusively on the Rose Chat Podcast. Do you have a story to tell? Record your experience and send it to us at RoseChatPodcast@gmail.com 


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Our Hosts:
Chris VanCleave - www.RedneckRosarian.com
Creator of the Rose Chat Podcast. Mr. VanCleave is a nationally known rosarian, speaker and advocate for the rose. 

Teresa Byington - www.TheGardenDiary.com 
Co-Host Teresa Byington is a Consulting Rosarian, Master Gardener, writer and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Rose Society. Her garden is a large cottage garden filled with roses and their companions. 

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