The Ring Weeder | Gardening Innovations | Vincent Suozzi

November 25, 2015
Gardening Innovations | The Ring Weeder

On this broadcast of the Rose Chat Podcast we introduce you to Vinny Suozzi. He's the inventor of The Ring Weeder. This innovative product is worn on your finger and its forked tip pierces the ground with ease allowing you to loosen the soil around the weed to "pluck" it out without breaking off the root of the weed. It's made of light weight high strength injection molded ABS plastic, The Ring Weeder allows you to get your weeding done swiftly.

Fun & Easy Roses | Voices from the Garden | “Captain Eddie” Kraus

November 18, 2015

On this episode from our Voices from the Garden series, "Captain Eddie" shares in two minutes what it takes some folks a lifetime to learn: Roses are fun and easy to grow. He has been growing roses since "the beginning of time" and is an advocate for spreading joy of growing roses to all.  

Good Company | Voices from the Garden | Teresa Byington

November 11, 2015
On this episode from our “Voices from the Garden” series, Rose Chat Podcast co-host Teresa Byington discovers she's in very good company in the garden. The gift of a rose cutting set her on a journey of discovery that eventually took her to a New York City cemetery to find the beloved patron of a rose. 
Teresa is an award winning rose gardener, master gardener and co-host of the Rose Chat Podcast. She tends a garden of "200" or so roses in Indiana. 

Come Before Winter | Voices from the Garden | Chris VanCleave

November 5, 2015

Rose Chat Creator Chris VanCleave aka "The Redneck Rosarian" takes a few moments to reflect on the gardening year and gives us some insight into preparing the garden and our lives for the coming winter. 

This broadcast is a part of our "Voices from the Garden" series of podcasts where we explore an intrinsic mix of life, faith and gardening. 

Cancer Survivors Garden Companion with Jenny Peterson

October 15, 2015

October is breast cancer awareness month. Garden designer and author Jenny Peterson shares with us the struggle, hope and healing that she found during her cancer treatment. Her new book due out in January 2016,  "The Cancer Survivors Garden Companion" steps readers through the treatment process and explores the therapeutic benefits found in the garden. With candor and encouragement, Jenny shows readers how they too can find hope and healing in the earth beneath their feet. 

Kordes Family of Roses Part II - The Roses

September 30, 2015

We continue our conversation with Alexander Kordes and Thomas Proll on the Kordes family of roses. Chris Pellet of Newflora roses joins the conversation as we begin to chat about the roses offered by Kordes in the United States. 

On this broadcast, you'll hear about such award winning roses as 'Savannah', 'Bejazzo', 'Dark Desire', 'Summer Romance' and many others. Fragrance plays a big role in roses and we also discuss describing the scent of a rose and how rose fragrance varies as blooms age. 
Its a conversation you won't want to miss. 
Check out the varieties you heard about on this broadcast by clicking on the link below:

Kordes Family of Roses Part 1 - Alexander Kordes & Thomas Proll

September 18, 2015

Today we begin a two part series on the Kordes family of roses. For over five generations the Kordes family has been producing some of the worlds greatest roses. On this broadcast, Alexander Kordes and Thomas Proll chat with us about the history of the Kordes family and about their hybridizing process including their decision over 25 years ago to stop spraying fungicide on their roses. It's a fascinating look into a centuries old family business. 

Fall Rose Care - Lance Walheim

September 10, 2015

Bayer Advanced rose expert Lance Walheim talks with us about fall rose care. Lance shares tips for getting your roses ready for the cooler months of the year and chats with us about some awesome new rose introductions being offered this season. 

Beautiful Roses in Zone 4 - Debra Keiser and the Virginia Clemens Rose Garden

August 5, 2015

Garden designer, horticulturalist and Rosarian Debra Keiser joins us on the episode to chat about her work as Rosarian at the Virginia Clemens rose garden at the Munsinger Clemens gardens. Located in St. Cloud Minnesota on land donated by generous benefactors Bill &  Virginia Clemens, this garden is a showpiece that is a MUST SEE garden if your in the area. During the show, Debra shares about some of the roses growing in this garden and about how they care for them during the harsh zone 4 winters. 

Show Links:

Peggy Martin and the Heritage Rose Foundation

July 12, 2015
Peggy Martin, Vice President of the Heritage Rose Foundation joins us to talk about the work of this organization and also about the incredible journey of hope and discovery she has experienced since Hurricane Katrina swept into her life and took her home, her roses and her parents. It's an episode you don't want to miss. 
About The Heritage Rose Foundation:
The Heritage Rose Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1986, devoted to the preservation of old roses.