Michelle Endersby - Awakening Around Roses

July 23, 2014

Michelle Endersby - Awakening Around Roses

Growing up in Montmorency in the natural bushland beauty of the Eltham Shire where art and the environment were interconnected, Michelle developed at an early age a sense of wonder in the natural world and it is this that she wants to share through my art. She see's personality in individual plants and flowers which sometimes makes my florals or nature studies seem more like portraits than traditional florals.

Michelle wants her audience to get swept up by the magic that she see's, and feel emotion and intimacy towards her painting subjects. A lifelong interest and involvement with textiles drives her to explore the textural properties of her subjects be that the velvety petal of a rose or the meandering root systems of ancient Moreton Bay Fig Trees.

"A brush with death changed my life and strengthened my career as an artist. On awakening from a coma following emergency brain surgery to repair a ruptured blood vessel, I was presented with an inspirational vision. I found myself in a beautiful, light-filled rose garden and this vision hastened my recovery and illuminated my path forward. This incident has made me see the world through different eyes. I see beauty surrounding me and I want to share my vision with the world."

Join us for this fascinating conversation with Michelle Endersby  

Colors Of Roses | Tony McGehee - Love It Out

February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Before you buy roses, find out what the various colors of roses mean to the receipient of the blooms.  We'll also be chatting with author and photographer Tony McGehee. His new book; Olivia's Hug will be released soon. Hear Tony describe how no matter what, you gotta "Love It Out" and how the hug of a young girl inspired a book that will inspire you! 

About Our Guest: 

Tony and Suzi McGehee share their celebration of loving out life by combining Tony's writing from the heart and Suzi's contemporary photography to create custom storybooks and beautiful wall art.

Married for thirty years they still think they're young and believe that extraordinary beauty is in the people they meet each day. Love It Out was created from Suzi's desire to help families photograph their journey. Her favorite images are those capturing the in-between moments. They not only bring us all closer to the experience, but closer to the 'beautiful you' inside.

Together, their shared dream and mission is to reveal beauty. 

Love It Out - Website