Who Was Dorothy Perkins? | Voices From The Garden | Dawn Pettinelli

September 11, 2016
Voices From The Garden

Dawn Pettinelli, an Extension Educator who blogs for the University of Connecticut's Home & Garden Education Center asks the question, "Who was Dorothy Perkins, and what's she doing in my garden?" Dawn shares with us about this special rose in her garden. Introduced around 1901, the Dorothy Perkins rose became one of the most widely grown roses in the world. Hear how this rose continues to endear itself to gardeners today. 

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University of Connecticut - Home & Garden Education Center https://uconnladybug.wordpress.com

Voices From The Garden is a series of short broadcasts submitted by gardeners who share with us an intrinsic mix of life lessons, faith stories and gardening adventures, exclusively on the Rose Chat Podcast.  Do you have a story to tell? Record your experience and send it to us at GROW@RoseChat.info 

Jackson & Perkins New Intros for 2017

August 7, 2016

Join the Rose Chat Podcast crew as they visit with Wes Harvell and Paul Zimmerman who stopped by to chat about what's happening at Jackson & Perkins Roses. They share their thoughts on gardening, a new video series on growing roses and offered us an exclusive preview into four awesome introductions for 2017.  


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